Sunderland Global Media: Connecting Wearside and the World


Sunderland Global Media is continually seeking commercial partners in order to deliver high quality, effective and engaging content which gives wearside a voice in the world. Our goals aspire not just to create a regional news organization, but to help project Sunderland and the North East’s brand into the wider world and solicit a global audience.

As a result, our organization offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses both in Sunderland and beyond to establish their name and court vast markets. SGM is a growing organization with an ever increasing reach and platform, setting a new record of 3500 unique visitors in a single day as of February 2020.

We offer flat cost advertising packages, covering various aspects of the site which can be extended over a negotiable period of time, and do not charge on a per-click or visitor basis, allowing you to gain the best possible deal for your business and spread awareness without hefty expenses.

If you are interested or require more information, please contact us at

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