Sunderland Global Media are proud to announce their endorsement of Chris Burnicle in his bid to run for councillor in St. Chads Ward (Farringdon & East Herrington). Chris, who is standing for the Conservative Party, is not just a blue rosette, he’s a man with exceptional personal qualities and spirit who could not be more qualified and deserving for this role. We urge all people in the area to lend him their support, even if they would not typically lend their votes to this party. As an individual, he has proven his worth.

Chris Burnicle is a devastatingly effective local campaigner and passionate activist who has devoted countless hours already towards cleaning up litter, be it on Foxy Island, the Farringdon Playpark, or wherever. He’s also been willing to lend support to our history project and anything else that needs doing. There is little doubt that he has walked the walk, before he even talked the talk. If there’s a problem, he’s on it and with the other two local Conservative councillors we can only observe from our experience that they make a effective team who deliver real results to this area.

We care deeply about the future and wellbeing of Farringdon, we love Farringdon, we were made in Farringdon. We need people who are prepared to fight for this area, people who have energy, vision and commitment. His Labour opponent, Daryl Dixon, is almost non-existent and has never replied to any of our attempts to contact him. As a result, we are led to conclude that the choice of Burnicle for this ward is an absolute no-brainer. This is a man whom can bring about a lot of good, and that’s why we recommend a tick is put in his box come May 6th!