Sunderland Global Media was founded on the premise of promoting renaissance, revival and rejuvenation on Wearside. As a publication, we believe firmly in our city and its future and it is that what we advocate for. We also strive to uphold and strengthen the heritage, history and identity of the area. Sunderland is a working class city with a proud industrial and unionist past, as is most of North East England. This is a part of who we are, it is what distinguishes us from other regions of the country and this must in no circumstances be forgotten or downplayed.

However, concerning changes are taking place. The demise of the region’s heritage and identity has led to a gradual political change which has fueled a rise of right wing politics of which advocates nationalism and xenophobia as the output for local anger. Disillusionment with the Labour Party has grown in tandem, which is increasingly perceived as out of touch and disconnected with the concerns of ordinary people. In Sunderland for one, apathy and disapproval of the Labour party is, irrespective of its actual merits rampant.

The failure of Labour to articulate a vision for the region is hastening its demise, but at the same time the point must be made clear that the North East and Sunderland are not beneficiaries of Conservative or Right Wing politics. The former has directly contributed to the demise of this region, plunged it into economic and social decline and exacerbated regional inequalities, whilst the latter poses no answers but to make people believe in a system which may make them feel good, but does not in practice benefit them or improve their lives.

Therefore, whilst we have been willing to give the Conservatives a platform and work with them on local issues of interest (and this will continue) nevertheless we now make it our official position that political parties and causes which strengthen the cause of local and regional interests and identity will be given preferential coverage in our editorial outlook, in particular The North East Party. With the mainstream parties having failed to articulate a comprehensive or convincing vision for Wearside’s future which the people can believe in.

Ultimately, Sunderland’s decline must be reversed. Nothing as of present suggests this is happening. Apathy, disillusionment and cynicism dominates the political scene. With the city and broader region having been left behind by the rest of the country, the politics of the status quo risks transforming this mighty town into a backwater of far-right politics, unbridled nationalism and cheap xenophobia. Sunderland Global Media was subsequently founded as a means to revive the area in a positive way, and that is what we will do.