June is the month of pride for the LGBTQ+ community, but little do people know the origins of pride in the first place.

Pride was created to oppose the shame and social stigma that came with coming out. It helped open minds and create a movement.

Brenda Howard, a bisexual activist is known as the “Mother of Pride” for her work coordinating the march and series of events that surround the day.

Originating from the 50’s and 60’s in America, Pride became an expressive and social period for the LGBT community. These were some of the earliest demonstrations. In years to come, pride spread around the states making it an annual event to remember the Stonewall Riots which happened after the New York gay bar was raided by police in 1969.

By the early 70’s, pride celebrations were being held in more and more cities. It was soon realised that there was a pivotal change brought by the Stonewall Riots. However, not everyone was keen on the idea. A lot of heterosexuals were opposed to the idea of accepting anyone in the LGBT community.

Stonewall was the rising of a movement and the birth of Gay pride.

Presidents Clinton, Obama and Trump officially declared that June is pride month. This had a worldwide impact. Internationally, Pride can take place throughout the year.

Pride is the time where people of all sexualities and genders come together as one to celebrate who they are. Although this years pride is most likely online, it won’t stop the celebrations occurring across the country and world.

60 years of Pride celebrations. Look how far the world has came in that time, but also look how much is still to be done as LGBT people continue to fact legal persecution, discrimination and even death in many parts of the world.