Conservative councillors in Sunderland have defended the government after a report emerged claiming that disadvantaged areas in the North East had received disproportionately less funding in government aid towards the covid-19, in contrast to areas in the South of England. Dominic McDonough, member for St. Chads Ward stated that the figures were “misinterpreted by Labour for political reasons” and insisted the area had not lost any funding.

The Councillor stated that Sunderland had received more funding proportionally. Citing the Council of Windsor and Maidenhead as an area which had received more funding than Sunderland in raw numbers, McDonough proceeded to argue that the figures were taken out of context because “When comparing the two Councils respectively Windsor will receive £7,132,813 which works out at £47.46 per resident. Sunderland on the other hand will receive £18,192,034 which works out at £65.45 per resident.”

In doing so, he proceeded to argue Sunderland is ” receiving one of the most generous grants in England” but given that the virus has also significantly impacted the area more so than other parts of Britain, will it still stem the criticism?