The youth wing of the Communist Party of Britain, Young Communist League, this week released a statement grilling the Conservative government for putting people before profit in its response to the Covid-19 and the relaxation of stay at home measures from wednesday. The party, which a few days ago claimed an increase in membership due to the impact of the pandemic, is now taking the sword to the Conservatives in the claim the opposition is failing to fulfill its duty.

Criticizing the growing death tolls and the dire situation in care homes throughout the country, the league’s statement described the losses as a “human tragedy” and pointed out that a great deal of these deals were “avoidable” slamming “government negligence” and the “decision to prioritise profit over human life”.

Describing a “long list of failures” by Downing Street, the league argues “the government was slow to implement a lock down in order to allow private businesses to keep running for as long as possible” and attacks failures to put in place a “comprehensive testing regime” with repeated shortcomings in meeting its 100,000 test target and only now implementing quarantines for incoming challenges.

With Britain’s healthcare worker deaths also about to become the highest in Europe, the group also attacked the lack of PPE for frontline workers, “putting our NHS on the line and our health and social care staff under more pressure”, slamming the “lack of social distancing and contingent safety measures. It also criticized the Conservatives for “forcing working people to take unsafe commutes, putting transport workers at an even higher risk”.

With this, the group concluded “there can be no return to ‘normal’ once this crisis is over. ‘Normal’ wasn’t working for working people. The pandemic has exposed the real priorities of the Tory government” with “working people left dangerously exposed by attacks on our NHS and the lack of a manufacturing base which could have been used to produce ventilators and PPE”.

The YCL proceeded to dismiss Labour’s opposition to the government as being effective, slamming Keir Starmer for rolling back “any of the successes of Corbynism within the Labour Party. Rather than fighting tooth and nail to protect working class communities”