Sunderland City Council has come under fire by opposition councillors over its unwillingness to use emergency reserve funds to help tackle the covid-19 outbreak in the city. Last week, leader Graeme Miller accused the government of failing to offer sufficient support to the city of Sunderland. However, the statement attracted local criticism, with Councillor Robert Oliver hitting back arguing that not only has the city council received support, but it has resisted using extensive financial reserves dedicated for emergency situations.

“The Council has received almost £18m in support to help it tackle the Coronavirus pandemic” stated Oliver” who proceeded to express it was “disappointing” that the leadership “does not want to spend ‘a penny’ of the £11million in general reserves that the council has precisely for this sort of emergency”. He then urged people to remember that there is “there is no bottomless pit of money” in receiving direct government support, and the financial burden on the country will be large and “Have to be paid back by future generations”

The City of Sunderland is suffering the worst number of confirmed cases per capita outside of Greater London, with over 1300 confirmed as of Tuesday evening.