Sunderland’s re-established historic beer company Vaux announced today on their social media that they will be opening up a new brewery in Monk Street, Roker. Although a specific opening date was not given, the firm posted a photo on twitter of their new premises which is still yet to be equipped. The move undoubtedly means good news for local jobs in the area.

Re-kindled in 2018 by Steven Smith, the Vaux Brand had persisted in the Sunderland area for nearly 200 years and stamped out an iconic role in local identity. However, at the turn of the 21st century its initial brewery in Sunderland City Centre, its remnants now known as the “Vaux Site” was closed down and demolished. The brand was effectively asset stripped with its signature drinks sold off to smaller craft breweries.

Awaiting the new brewery, the company currently outsources the production of its drinks to Durham, thus its opening will prove to be an exciting and symbolic moment which heralds its formal return to Sunderland. Undoubtedly, the ambition to resurrect the name of Vaux represents an ambitious effort to rekindle that historical legacy and give back something the area never should have lost, complete with a new variety of drinks to go with it.