Sunderland’s Foundation of Light has found an unlikely backer: The Chinese. In the process of its “give a quid campaign” which aims to combat social isolation amongst communities this Christmas, a shout out to the foundation on the Chinese social media platform Weibo has saw a growing number of Chinese donors support the cause, despite little familiarity with the city of Sunderland or its football team.

The contributors piled onto the donations page with amounts ranging from £2 to £20 sending extending a hand of good will towards the city and its people with messages such as “Hello from China with peace and love” and “Merry Christmas from China!” .

Wawa, a mother of three from Shenzhen and former student of the University of Brighton, stated “Peace and love is not just a slogan on its own. We need to work together globally” and that it was important to offer older generations “love and concern” who may be facing isolation this christmas.

The Foundation of Light is the official Affiliated Charity of Sunderland A.F.C- founded in 2001 by the club’s former owner Sir Bob Murray, the organization is the largest football charity in the United Kingdom. It serves to use the power of sport to make a difference in the lives of young people, with its iconic Beacon of Light center having opened in 2018.

So far the campaign has accumulated over £16,000, just over half way to its £30,000 target. If you wish to contribute, please see the official Just Giving page here.