A new poll commissioned by ComRes investigated the turnout of various age groups in the run up to the UK General Election. Querying voters on the question “Absolutely certain to vote” the poll revealed that potential turnout amongst 18-24 year olds had increased by 11% and that amongst 25-34 year olds had grown by 8%. This compared to a 6% decline amongst 45-54 year olds and a 7% increase amongst 55 to 64 year olds.

With over 3 million people having registered to vote in the election since the November deadline, two thirds of these are young people. Polls show that the Labour party support dominates these age groups by a clear majority. In 2017, the shock result which saw Theresa May lose her majority was commonly attributed to a “youthquake” through an increase in turnout from young voters. Although these turnout statistics still a significant gap between Boris and Corbyn’s party’s nevertheless Labour voters are likely to be optimistic.