The city of Sunderland is a special place. Far removed from the glamorous and centralized hub of London, the city and its neighbours boast of a special culture and working class heritage rooted in egalitarianism, humility and friendly spirit. Once termed “the largest shipbuilding town in the world“- it is an area of Britain that has long seen better days. Left behind by changes in the country’s economy, Sunderland and the wider North East of England have failed to find their voice and purpose in the world, facing generations of decline, irrelevance and stagnant opportunities.

Owing to these circumstances, Sunderland Global Media (SGM) is proposed here as an ambitious project which represents a vision to establish the voice and legacy of Wearside in the world. Covering global affairs from a progressive, working class angle, our organisation vows to establish an alternative to the London centric paradigm of Britain and the mainstream, corporate media, whilst of course telling the area’s story itself and carrying it to audiences across every nation. We aspire to be Sunderland’s New Voice in the World: that is to utilize the spirit and heritage of Sunderland in a positive way.

In essence, we are an organisation striving for change. We aim to do so in a dignified, rational, honest and proper manner. As we expand and broaden our portfolio, there are no restrictions on who may contribute to us and join our cause!